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Crops and silage

Get tips on preparing for harvest and making quality silage from a variety of crops, including:

  • Grass
  • Corn or maize
  • Alfalfa (lucerne)
  • Wholecrop cereal or small grains
  • High-moisture corn
  • Wholecrop legumes
  • Tropical grass


Advice on your silage issues

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls such as ash contamination, clostridial fermentation and effluent loss.


Silage safety tips

Get advice about harvest and ensiling safety, including downloadable guides your entire team can use.


Advantages of silage inoculants

Using a proven, quality inoculant adds a large population of good microbes to the ensiled crop to drive the ensiling process. The result is better dry matter and nutrient retention, plus the production of better quality, more palatable silages.

Which inoculant is right for you?

Choosing proper silage inoculant for your specific challenges and on farm operations is key to better quality silage. Find out which MAGNIVA Silage Inoculant is right for you with our simple product selector tool.