Four simple questions can help you make the right choice.

Consider an inoculant with specific high-activity enzymes to enhance feed digestibility.

Consider an inoculant that contains efficient lactic acid-producing bacteria, preferably one with enzymes, to control ensiling fermentation.

Consider an inoculant that contains specific heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria to achieve feed-out stability.

Consider an inoculant that allows you to achieve aerobic stability, and feed silage after just 15 days, while also increasing long-term aerobic stability after 30 days of fermentation.

Not all products are available in all markets nor all claims allowed in all regions.

Which inoculant is right for you?

Choosing proper silage inoculant for your specific challenges and on farm operations is key to better quality silage. Find out which MAGNIVA Silage Inoculant is right for you with our simple product selector tool.