MAGNIVA Silage Inoculant Application

Use the following recommended procedures to ensure the efficacy of MAGNIVA Silage Inoculants.


Preparation the day before application

Avoid any rapid temperature fluctuations greater than 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Allow refrigerated packets to reach ambient room temperature for one day before use. This allows the product to reach ambient temperature gradually before mixing.


6 steps to mix and apply silage inoculant

Wear protective gloves and a mask during handling.

STEP 1: Calculate how much inoculant you need

Read the label to calculate the amount of product required based on the projected yield and area to be harvested.

STEP 2: Mix

Mix contents of sachet with clean potable water.  Dilute in a clean container. Do not use chlorinated water if the chlorine level is above 2 parts per million. If your water is chlorinated above this level and you must use it, expose water to the air overnight. Do not use water treated with bactericidal products.

STEP 3: Stir

Stir actively for 1-2 minutes. Use a whisk for better mixing.

STEP 4: Dilute

Pour the inoculant into your applicator and dilute with clean, potable water at the ambient temperature based on label recommendations. The amount of water used for final dilution of the MAGNIVA silage inoculant should be adapted to the specific applicator recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

STEP 5: Apply

Ensure all applicators are clean and calibrated. You can now apply the inoculant to your forage.

When using standard spray applicators, apply the product at a minimum of  8.5 ounces/ton (250 milliliters/ton) of fresh forage. For balers and forage wagons, apply a minimum of 33.8 ounces/ton (1 liter/ton) of fresh forage. The product may also be applied using a specific low-volume applicator, at a minimum of 0.33 ounces/ton (10 milliliters/ton) of fresh forage.

For optimal efficacy of MAGNIVA silage inoculants, keep the tank away from the harvester’s heat sources (engine, exhaust, etc.).

If you must stop during harvest, use the remaining dilution within 48 hours. Carefully close the tank and protect it from the heat and light. Mix the contents before using again. Do not freeze the dilution.


STEP 6: Finish

After finishing, empty the applicator tank completely and wash it out and rinse with clean water. See label for more details. Always ensure applicators are clean and free of residual inoculant.

Storage and shelf life

MAGNIVA Forage Inoculants can be kept for 24 months (12 months for organic products) from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool and dry place in the original unopened sachet. Use whole package at one time.


Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s Quality Control is among the best in the world. We are a primary producer of forage inoculants and follow a strict total quality management system to ensure product purity, quality and viability from the manufacturing process through to the end user.

How to mix an inoculant? MAGNIVA Forage Inoculants instruction for use

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