Grass sample analysis carried out independently by Trouw Nutrition UK taken from the UK 2018-2019, compared 135 MAGNIVA Platinum treated samples to 79 untreated grass silages.
Results showed that treated silage had higher nutrient levels, improved digestibility increasing the ROI greatly compared to untreated grass silage.

MAGNIVA Platinum treated grass versus untreated grass

  Untreated MAGNIVA Platinum
ME 10,386


CP 14,504 15,128
D-Value 64,954 69,591

Based on the improved ME (which is a result of improved digestibility and nutrient retention in the MAGNIVA Platinum treated grass silage) an ROI can be calculated and is shown below.

Using MAGNIV Platinum on grass silage improves ROI by 7:1 compared to not treated your silage!

Another benefit of using quality grass silage is the fact you can reduce your purchase feed costs.

As MAGNIVA treated grass silage maintains more energy and protein levels, feeding more grass silage means you can reduce energy and protein from purchased feeds. This has a dramatic effect especially Mas prices have risen considerable over the past couple years, see table below.

2021 launch 2022 launch Increase over 2021
Soybean price



= 1,06$/CP unit


= 1,22$/CP unit



Gain in protein/ton DM

+0,624% CP/kg with Magniva

+ 6,24kg CP/ton

+ 6,61$/ton

+ 6,24kg CP/ton

+ 7,61$/ton

+ 1$/ton
Corn price

14,5 ME/kg DM


= 0,016$/ME


= 0,022$/ME



Gain in energy/ton DM

+0,743 ME/kg with MAGNIVA

+11,89$/ton +16,35$/ton +4,46$/ton
Total gain + 18,49$/ton +23,96$/ton + 29,5%
ROI with MAGNIVA @6€/T DM 1:2 1:3

Using MAGNIVA treated silage in 2021 offered a return on investment of 1:2 however with the increase in purchase energy and protein costs, the ROI for 2022 increase to 1:3 when using silage treated with MAGNIVA.