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Silage Safety Handbook

Take advantage of this free resource from Lallemand Animal Nutrition's silage experts. The Ensiling Safety Handbook offers practical advice on building, maintaining and loading silo bunkers and piles, as well as information on the potential hazards of naturally occurring ensiling gases.

L.hilgardii R&D brochure

MAGNIVA utilizes Lentilactobacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785 in combination with the industry gold standard Lentilactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788. Discover in this brochure the exhaustive Research & development of Lentilactobacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785 to address unmet needs in the global silage market. It’s a process that spanned more than a decade and included high-caliber research partners and next-generation technologies.